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June 26, 2023 | SEASON 1 - QuickADR's Travels

👉As the gendarme busies himself finding his notebook, Jerry remembers: at the end of the QuickADR check, a document was edited, and automatically downloaded to his phone.📱

👮 He presents it to the gendarme, who finds all the useful information, in particular that which proves that this transport does indeed benefit from the partial exemption. linked to the quantities transported.

📝This report obviously shows that all driver and vehicle obligations have been checked and complied with.✅

The gendarme is pleased and surprised.💪 He thinks that QuickADR would help him find his way more easily when checking a vehicle loaded with Dangerous Goods. He's going to talk to his superiors about it 😉

👍Jerry CANNE can head back to his destination. He's happy to have avoided a ticket, and thanks to QuickADR, Axelle won't have to waste any time contesting it. Happy fête de la musique to you all!

 Season 1- Episode 5

Season 2-Synopsis


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With QuickADR, what do Alexis, Amandine, 2 x Annie, Camille, Céline, Christelle, 2 x Christophe, Doris, Edouard, 2 x Isabelle, Jacky, Johnny, Julien, 2 x Laurent, Lou, Lucas, Lucile, Marie-Pie, Marion, 2 x Michel, Mustafa, Olivier, Pascal,... have in common?

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Following the success of our previous webinars, we are delighted to invite you to our latest online event: "Exploring QuickAdr - Digital ADR Solutions for Tanks, Parcels and Waste". This final session, scheduled for March 29, 2024, promises...

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QuickADR Webinars, Over a hundred participants, two dates sold out, last chance on February 16! Digital ADR Solution for the Transport of Dangerous Goods. QuickADR, the pioneer of Digital ADR solutions dedicated to the transport of...

Digital Exploration with QuickAdr: New Sessions and Limited Places!

QuickAdr Webinar: New Sessions and Limited Seating! Dear partners and collaborators passionate about logistics safety and hazardous materials management, we are delighted to keep you informed of the extraordinary response to our webinar...

QuickADR Webinar: discovery and live demo

🚀 Invitation to our Webinar: Discover QuickAdr, the digital solution for packaged products and tankers! Dear partners and collaborators, It is with great enthusiasm that we invite you to an immersive experience during our...

SEASON 2, episode 6: Epilogue ✨

QuickADR : Epilogue ✨ 👉 2h after the departure of the vehicle, Axelle AIRE is contacted by the gendarmerie who has just checked a vehicle transporting dangerous goods from TOUTENKOLY at the exit of the Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines tunnel....

Have a wonderful 2024, and may your most heartfelt wishes come true!

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QuickADR: Pre-loading check🚛 👉 As the large packages used are defined as overpacks, Jerry CANNE has the driver add the words "SUREMBALLAGE" and transfer the UN codes and labels corresponding to products such as...

📺 SEASON 2, episode 4 - Reception checks 🚛

QuickADR - Reception checks The HGV arrives at the entrance to the TOUTENKOLY site to load waste. At reception, the driver and vehicle are checked using the QuickADR application to avoid any subsequent refusal to load. Gaspard ALIZANT...

📺 SEASON 2, episode 3 - Package control 📦

QuickADR - Package control 📦 👉Jerry Canne prepares the cans to be loaded before the carrier arrives. He can already check the conformity of the packages using the QuickADR application: marking, labeling, general condition and approval....