Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulation


is a new European regulation that provides a framework for personal data protection rules (EU regulation 2016/679). It establishes new rights for individuals whose data is collected, and new obligations for data controllers (mainly public authorities and companies).

This new regulation aims to better adapt people's rights to digital evolution, and in particular to the development of "big data", e-commerce, connected objects... which are largely based on the collection and processing of personal data.

The RGPD came into force in France and other EU countries on May 25, 2018 (date recorded in Article 99 of the RGPD).

When collecting data from a person, the Data Controller must provide him with a certain amount of information, listed in Articles 13 and 14 of the RGPD. In particular, it includes the identity and contact details of the Data Controller:

Mr Laurent WAGNER (DPO: Data Protection Officer):

Phone ; 06 03 06 12 74

Information collected

The register of information collected is available on request.

  • Full contact details for legal entities and individuals, including RIB or IBAN,
  • Occupation and position in the hierarchy (position in the organization chart) for individuals,
  • Diplomas, accreditations, titles and remunerations of natural persons only in connection with Alsace Conseil's mission,
  • Cause tree and accident reports with determination of responsibilities as part of Alsace Conseils' missions,
  • Compliance and non-compliance of legal entities as part of regulatory or commissioned reports,

Purpose of Processing

 The only other purposes for which data is processed are to supply the database used to compile annual reports, to issue certificates of attendance at training courses, to enable customer access to the site's extranet, and to meet accounting and human resources management regulatory obligations.

Data recipients

This data will remain in Alsace Conseil's databases and will under no circumstances be disclosed for commercial purposes (e.g. sale of computer files).

Archiving period after the last day of contractual exchanges

The duration is 5 years for CSTMD annual reports and training certificates, 10 years for commercial contracts and accounting records.

Data protection

The data collected is stored on a secure server on the premises of Alsace Conseil.

The regulation creates a right to data portability. In a way, it allows an individual to appropriate his or her own data and therefore to request :

  • restitution: the person can recover their data so that they can be stored and reused for personal use, as they see fit;
  • transfer to another data controller, one of the stated aims of this new right being to encourage competition between different data controllers (in the same way as for the portability of telephone numbers, for example).

Article 17 of the RGPD also provides for a right to erasure: the data subject may request the erasure of his or her data for one of the reasons listed in the article. The data controller must then proceed to delete the data as soon as possible.