StartUp-Bourse Stimulates Innovation in the Grand Est Region

Mar 14, 2024 | All news from QuickADR

The Grand Est region, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and economic diversity, is taking the initiative to support local startups with the "StartUp-Bourse". This represents a strong commitment to entrepreneurship, aimed at financially supporting and promoting the growth of young companies within the region.


Financial leverage for emerging companies

The StartUp-Bourse du Grand Est represents a significant opportunity for local entrepreneurs. It offers financial support of €30,000, enabling startups to turn their innovative ideas into reality and contribute to the region's economic vitality. Entrepreneurs now have access to essential resources to help them realize and develop their projects.


Eligibility and Selection Criteria for StartUp-Bourse

Startups eligible for the StartUp-Bourse must meet specific criteria. These generally include an operational base in the region, a solid business plan and a clear demonstration of potential impact on the local economy. Selection is rigorous, ensuring that funds are allocated to the most promising projects.


Personalized Accompaniment for Success

In addition to financing, the StartUp-Bourse provides personalized support through the network of incubators and gas pedals in the Grand Est region. Entrepreneurs benefit from a network of skills and local experts to guide them. This support is designed to strengthen entrepreneurial skills, guide strategic decisions and maximize beneficiaries' chances of success.


Sustainable Economic Impact

By investing in startups, the Grand Est is helping to create a dynamic and innovative economic ecosystem. This initiative promotes local job creation, attracts talent and reinforces the region's reputation as a land of opportunity for entrepreneurs.


The Grand Est's ongoing commitment

The StartUp-Bourse bears witness to the Grand Est Region's enduring commitment to innovation and economic development. By actively supporting startups, the region is demonstrating its determination to create a favorable environment for the emergence of new businesses and the diversification of its economic fabric.


QuickADR would like to express its sincere gratitude to the Grand Est Region.

whose essential support through the StartUp-Bourse has been of paramount importance in our entrepreneurial adventure. The StartUp-Bourse du Grand Est is an essential catalyst for the development of local start-ups. By combining substantial financial support with expert guidance, this initiative is helping to shape a prosperous future for entrepreneurship in the region, reinforcing its status as a dynamic economic engine at the heart of Europe.


Discover the Grand Est Region and the StartUp-Bourse

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