Announcement of the opening of Vertu@ll to market the QuickADR brand

QuickADR by Vertu@ll

Feb 28, 2024 | All news from QuickADR

With QuickADR, what do Alexis, Amandine, 2 x Annie, Camille, Céline, Christelle, 2 x Christophe, Doris, Edouard, 2 x Isabelle, Jacky, Johnny, Julien, 2 x Laurent, Lou, Lucas, Lucile, Marie-Pie, Marion, 2 x Michel, Mustafa, Olivier, Pascal, Pascale, Patrick, René, Samy, Séverine, Simone, Thierry, Thomas, Thomsy, Valérie, Vivianne, Yannick and Yvette have in common? 

They are all Vertu@ll shareholders.

Vertu@ll - Trusted Innovators for a Sustainable Future

Welcome to the exciting world of Vertu@ll, our new, forward-looking company, dedicated to the development and marketing of our QuickADR brand , the first digital ADR application (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road). As a Société par Actions Simplifiée (SAS) with capital of 250,000 euros, Vertu@ll is emerging as a key player in the dangerous goods transport and technology sector, combining innovation, commitment and responsibility.


Committed Capital for a Prosperous Future

Vertu@ll has made the strategic choice of a share capital of 250,000 euros, demonstrating its financial strength and commitment to the development of QuickADR. This solid financial structure is the foundation on which our ambitions are built.

What sets Vertu@ll apart, however, is its unique vision of share ownership. Contrary to conventional approaches, our company has opted for a participative shareholding model, giving employees, customers and close relations the opportunity to become key players in this promising adventure. This choice reflects our profound belief in collective strength and in the importance of everyone's involvement in our shared success.


QuickADR - The First ADR Digital Application

At the heart of Vertu@ll is QuickADR, the first ADR digital application embodying innovation, reliability and efficiency. This revolutionary solution is based on a sophisticated rules engine that will be developed and perfected thanks to the human and financial resources dedicated by Vertu@ll.

The three founders of QuickADR will also be involved in Vertu@ll. This unique synergy will concentrate expertise, energy and passion within a single legal entity. By joining forces, we will create an environment conducive to the emergence of innovative ideas and the realization of ambitious projects.

Artificial Intelligence at the Heart of our Future

One ofVertu@ll 's major aspirations is toeventually integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the QuickADR rules engine. This represents a significant commitment to the future, aimed at anticipating and responding to the emerging needs of our users. We are convinced that AI will be an essential catalyst in meeting the complex challenges of the modern world.



Vertu@ll is more than just a company. It's a community of innovators, visionaries and committed players working together to build a sustainable and prosperous future. With QuickADR as the banner of our ambition, we're ready to shape tomorrow's technological landscape and deliver solutions that transcend expectations. Join us on this exciting adventure where every contribution counts, because at Vertu@ll, we believe in the power of collaboration to create lasting positive impact.

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